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Now this is something very special.  An absolutely stunning porcelain service à crème. Up to around the 1750s, these little lidded pots were called "pots à jus" , filled with gravy or savoury jellies and accompanied meats and pies. Little by little, over the 19th century, they became mainly used for set custards and desserts, and the display became more elaborate, with a high stand and a central pedestal like this beautiful specimen! In the 1900s, they came down to earth, with the pots set on a flat plate. (You can read more about petits pots, in French, here.)  I love this spectacular way of presenting chocolate or vanilla pots at the end of a meal. Theoretically, you should be able to cook egg custards in them, using a bain marie in the oven, but I would not like to risk it!  Perfect condition, bar one little hairline crack. (See pic.) There are nine pots, 11cm high, 9cm with the handle. The stand is 12cm high and 27cm wide, with little indentations for each pot.

Stunning 19th century porcelain service à crème

SKU: 33276HU
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